A day to clean the beach

A day to clean the beach

We were on a mission cleaning the Kallady beach and as we normally do, we started early in the morning and started to pick the plastic and other wastes along this beach with are visited by more than thousand local and foreign tourists in weekends mostly.

It was heartbreaking to see the way people had scattered plastics along the beach. Without even thinking of what this place would look like when they visit the next time. As we always do, we gathered all the scattered plastics along the beach on garbage bags. Of course, we were wearing safety gloves in order to avoid pricking our hands with sharp objects as well as infectious wastes.

After completing the above, we had a chat with few locals who were standing on the beach early in the morning with their kids. They seem to be living in a very close proximity. While having a chat with them, we gathered a lot of issues and conflicts existing in their community because of this plastic wastes as well as several other factors.

We have documented all those issues and thought of attending them one by one in a precise and friendly manner. Let’s hope for the best.

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